Reuters Mobile Web

Redesign of the entire Reuters mobile website for the US, UK, and Japanese editions. Awarded with the '2016 Thomson Reuters Best of Brand Awards'.

Reuters is the world’s largest multimedia news organization, delivering coverage of the world's financial markets, political capitals and conflict zones. When I joined Reuters, I was asked to lead and create a new visual identity for With the redesign of the mobile web, I brought to life a new user interface, that's been applied cross-platform to all Reuters consumer products. I named it "Reuters One".
The redesign of the mobile web, included the layout of all pages within the site—home, landing pages, article page, pictures and video pages, quotes, markets, and search results. Also the design of every single component, from the navigation elements, such as header, footer, menu, or search, through all interactive elements, as buttons, tabs, share screens, notifications, and custom iconography.
The redesigned US mobile site was launched in August 2015, with the Japanese and UK editions following in 2016. The number of users more than doubled—from 5.6 Million, to +16 Million unique users—within the first month after launch, and there was a 10-fold growth in media consumption—pictures and videos—exceeding all expectations.
 Source: Webtrends, Google Analytics, Mixpanel.
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