Rémy Martin is a French firm that primarily produces and sells cognac, a brandy from the Cognac region of France. The brand specializes in Cognac Fine Champagne, and has over three centuries of history.
I worked at The Brooklyn Brothers on the design of Rémy Martin's desktop website. The site, that starts with an age gate, includes Rémy Martin's portfolio of products, and a section featuring information about the company's brand, long history and background. The home page introduces Rémy Martin’s array of cognac brands. The site showcases in detail their five different products, each with product hero images, supported by descriptions of each liquor, as well as information about tasting notes, mixology cocktails, recipes, and related news. 
The look and feel of the site is modern yet traditional, keeping the classy spirit that defines a drink like cognac, while infusing a sense of style, youth and modernity.
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